Best New AR-15 Suppressor? Dead Air Sierra-5 556 Rifle Silencer Review

Best New AR-15 Suppressor? Dead Air Sierra-5 556 Rifle Silencer Review

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The Sierra-5 is Dead Air’s new dedicated 5.56 silencer. Full-auto rated with no restrictions on barrel length, the Sierra-5 is purpose built for hard-use. This durability and longevity is achieved through welded Stellite® baffles wrapped in a stainless steel outer tube — a proven combination. The iconic exterior knurling increases surface area, expediting the cool-down process.

The Sierra-5 strikes the ideal balance between a small footprint, effective flash hiding, and 5.56-taming sound suppression. Compatible with HUB (1.375-24”) mounting adapters, the Sierra-5 can be purchased with either a Keymo or Xeno Mount with a corresponding 1/2-28 Flash Hider.

0:00 – Intro
0:02 – What is meant by knurling?
0:07 – How hot can a 5.56 suppressor get?
0:23 – Which suppressor uses Keymo?
0:37 – Can you put a suppressor on a flash hider?
1:03 – Do flash hiders actually work?
1:09 – What is an e-brake?
1:17 – What threads do suppressors use?
1:29 – Does the length of a suppressor matter?
1:40 – What is Stellite material?
1:42 – What does full auto rated mean?
1:52 – Does knurling increase grip?
2:17 – Can you put a silencer on 556?

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