Billionaire’s Gun Control Group Sues Daniel Defense Because The Uvalde Shooter Used Their Rifle

Billionaire's Gun Control Group Sues Daniel Defense Because The Uvalde Shooter Used Their Rifle

Everytown Daniel Defense Lawsuit

The death of those children was not frivolous, but blaming their deaths on a company that simply made the gun is exceedingly frivolous.

No one would sue the car manufacturer if their car were involved in a drunk driving fatality.

More people are stabbed to death than an AR-15 kills them, but no one sues the knife company for a stabbing.

This is not about winning the actual case; it’s a tactic to get around the Federal law that protects gun companies from these types of frivolous lawsuits.

Yes, gun companies have lawyers, but they’ll have to make tough decisions after getting bombarded by the case after case.

They’ll have to decide whether to go broke trying to fight everyone or settle so many cases insurance companies stop insuring them.

Speaking of insurance, do you have concealed carry insurance?

If you’re ever in a self-defense shooting, you may beat the legal case, but do you have the money to deal with the possible civil lawsuit that may be filed against you.

Many people don’t think about this, and most people wouldn’t even know what lawyer to call to help defend them.

This is why I’m always talking about how important it is to become a member of an organization like USCCA.

When you become a member of USCCA, you not only get access to a crazy amount of information about concealed carry laws, training, and the overall concealed carry lifestyle, but you also get access to concealed carry insurance provided through your membership.

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