NBA Star Ja Morant Suspended For Brandishing Gun At Strip Club

NBA Star Ja Morant Suspended For Brandishing Gun At Strip Club

Ja Morant Brandish Gun

Ja Morant is a young NBA superstar who recently got suspended by the NBA and lost several endorsement deals for this video.

Apparently, Ja Morant went on Instagram live at a strip club called shotgun willies out in Glendale, Colorado.

From the looks of it, he was a bit saucy and vibing to the music.

He decided to flash what looked like a Kel-Tec Pf9.

Many people in the media are losing their minds about the fact that Ja Morant had a gun.

Ok, the context in which he had the gun is what’s really ruffling most people’s feathers.

You have the strip club, a possibly inebriated Ja Morant dancing and rapping while brandishing a gun.

I’ve always said if you’re a famous athlete or entertainer, I think having a gun for protection is mandatory, especially if you’re not moving around with 24-hour private security.

Athletes and entertainers have always been easy targets for criminals because many underestimate how much of a target they are.

The criminals know what you look like and how much money you make and, often, see where you’ll be because your appearances are public and stated ahead of time.

However, the problem here is the brandishing of the gun.

It’s just a very irresponsible look.

It also doesn’t help that the NBA is vehemently anti-gun.

What frustrates me the most about this whole debacle is now, this will be used to reinforce the image of gun ownership in the mainstream media.

I don’t have a problem with Ja Morant having a gun; I think he should have a gun; I just wish the world wasn’t introduced to Ja Morants firearm ownership by this type of video.

I wish the headline were, Ja Morant shoots on and off the court at a local gun range, instead of, Ja Morant busts guns and cheeks at a local strip club.

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