Oregon’s New Gun Law Will Soon Stop All Gun Sales Including The Guns Hunters Thought Were Safe

Oregon's New Gun Law Will Soon Stop All Gun Sales Including The Guns Hunters Thought Were Safe

Oregon 114 Gun Sales

What will occur on December 8 when the bill goes into force is unclear.

The Oregon State Police attempted to allay concerns Friday afternoon in a press release that stated there would be a "manual paper process until new technical systems can be designed and implemented." Gun store owners and local police have expressed concern that the permit system will not be ready in time.

According to Karl Durkheimer, owner of Northwest Armory, "If there is not an injunction before the morning of the eighth, it will mean there will be no gun sales on the eighth to Oregonians."

Because Oregon State Police had anticipated the permit-to-purchase system wouldn’t launch until around January 2024, according to a fiscal projection produced earlier this year by a state commission, The Northwest Armory owner anticipated it could take a full year for sales to resume.

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