Robber With AR-15 Screams He Shot My Arm Off After 80-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Him

Robber With AR-15 Screams He Shot My Arm Off After 80-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Him

Defensive Gun Use

You have four fighting-age men with rifles, and they were stopped by an 80-year-old with a shotgun.

When you empower the people, you take power away from the criminals. Gun laws empower criminals, guns empower the people, and this proves it.

If I was going to call a gun anything in a world where criminals try to take advantage of the weak, I’m going to call it the equalizer.

People constantly say silly things like, why do you need to carry a gun? You should learn how to fight.

I don’t owe a criminal a fair fight.

California’s gun laws limited the 80-year-old man’s ability to defend himself properly.

They didn’t do anything to limit these criminals from getting their hands on the same guns California restricts good citizens from owning.

When this happened, there were no police to stop it.

He saw them on the camera as they got out of their car.

A gun in your hand will always be better than a cop on the way when you’re standing face to face with a criminal.

Why would anyone continue to vote for gun laws that only prevent you from owning the guns you need to protect yourself?

Buy a gun, Learn gun safety, get training and Protect yourself legally with some self-defense insurance like USCCA.

USCCA is a membership that provides you with a wealth of knowledge about gun safety and firearms training while giving you access to Self Defense insurance.

It sucks, but if you ever have to use a gun in self-defense, especially in a place like California where civilian firearm ownership is frowned upon by the government, you could find yourself spending a ton of money in court just to prove that you did the right thing.

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