The FISH POND is FINISHED (pond is full!!!) – First Maple Syrup at the Off Grid Log Cabin

The FISH POND is FINISHED (pond is full!!!) - First Maple Syrup at the Off Grid Log Cabin

The final efforts go into the backyard fish pond rehabilitation make-over! We add in the rest of the rocks, and review if the fish habitat works, and even get into some maple syrup at the off grid log cabin. Thanks to

In this video we work on the next step in converting a mud bottoms catfish pond into a sparkling clear mountain stream water for trout. We sink down some dead spruce trees into the depths of the pond to create a log jam which will provide shelter to the trout and shade. This will be crucial to their survival in the summer months as temperatures and water depths become a factor.

Building UNIQUE POND STRUCTURE – 10,000+ Rocks, Sunken Log Jam, Now 20 ft Deep

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We’ve add over 10,000 rocks over top of geotextile fabric and sink a 10 ft, 21 diameter grain bin to the bottom of the original muddy trout pond to create crystal clear trout waters. Thanks to Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops and Princess Auto for your help in making this video!

The first fish pond transformation video:

Unfortunately my pond in Northern Ontario is adjacent a swamp that is filled with muck and clay soil which makes a total mess for a trout pond, but we are doing something to fix this.

The pond trout are coming belly up and dying for some unknown reason. I spend the day trying to figure out why all the pond fish are dying. I test the water temperature, make sure the fish are getting food and oxygen, and check the water clarity.

The fastest way to dig a big pond is to use the help of a qualified excavator. This excavator normally digs out house foundations and the operator has years of experience digging giant holes in the ground and removing mountains of material.

In the previous episode we had Clarke from Lyndon Trout Ponds and Fish Hatchery measure water quality of our fish pond for oxygen and water temperature. This pond was also monitored year round to see if it holds enough water and has the depth the fish need to stay cold. Rainbow trout need good to excellent water quality and plenty of oxygen. Water flow is an asset to help fish spawn. We discovered that the water in our pond is filled continuously with the help of ground water and is very cold, even in the summer. Trout will die if water gets above 25 degrees Celsius. Shade also helps keep water cool and our pond is sheltered for a good part of the day with trees.

You will need to find out what kind of soil you are working with. Is it clay, clay-loam and sandy loam are best for holding water. You will want to avoid limestone, shale, sand and gravel—they leak. Except in our case since the gravel is actually part of the ground water, which is ideal. You can ask around to find out if your pond will leak or will hold water year round. You don’t want your pond to dry up in the middle of the summer.

Our plan to excavate the remainder of the pond, pushing the size out to about a half acre in size and a water depth of around 8 feet. 15 feet is more ideal, but our base is shale and therefore can not be dug any deeper.

A trout pond is very difficult to establish, but it is very possible to do correctly if you know what the fish need.

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