What Is Let’s Go Brandon?

What Is Let's Go Brandon?

Let’s Go Brandon
Let's Go Brandon

Let’s go Brandon pretty much sums up Joe Biden’s presidency and the current state of the Main Stream Media, especially when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment.

The only thing we can depend on when it comes to the mainstream media is that they will Defend Joe Biden at all cost and vilify and try to tear down the 2nd Amendment and gun owners every chance they get.

The truth about guns in this country is literally staring the media in the face and they ignore it , like how defensive gun uses completely outnumber gun deaths, yet, the mainstream media will only report gun deaths when it paints gun rights in a negative light.

At the end of the day, When it comes to second amendment constitutional rights, if you’re not pushing to restrict gun rights in this country, our mainstream media wants nothing to do with you.

Let’s Go Brandon is the public laughter holding back the frustration from the media and political figures like Joe Biden’s bias against the 2nd Amendment that many of us have been dealing with for way too long.

So to Any political candidate that wants to take away our God-given right to Self-Defense and defense of country protected under the Second Amendment, we have three words for you, Let’s Go Brandon.

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