Will ATF Perform Brace “Compliance Checks” With It’s Expanded Registry?

Will ATF Perform Brace "Compliance Checks" With It's Expanded Registry?

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The Biden Administration’s so-called “Ghost Gun” rule in 2022 also provided everything ATF now needs to confiscate millions of pistols equipped with stabilizing braces. With the gun registry expansion rule enacted, the Biden Administration has created a complete national gun registry of every commercial firearm transaction in the last twenty years. This illegal gun registry can easily be used by ATF to enforce compliance with the Biden Pistol Ban.

GOA’s Playlist on the ATF’s Gun Registry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYRUnZ8hi0s&list=PL72TwL7eIScSATkXj3Psy7mpSSY7Z0Ln-

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