Would You Buy This New Briefcase Gun

Would You Buy This New Briefcase Gun

B&T USA BWC-9 Review

The B&T BWC-9, also known as the "Because We Can" folding carbine, is a modern and innovative pistol-caliber carbine designed for firearms enthusiasts.

This compact and folding bullpup rifle is a 9mm SMG/PCC that utilizes the SIG Sauer P320 fire control unit, which makes it a frame or chassis rather than a complete firearm.

This classification as a frame or chassis means that the BWC is considered an unregulated accessory, making it easily accessible to SIG Sauer P320 owners who can buy it like any other accessory.

Once the BWC frame or chassis is purchased, all that is needed to complete the folding carbine is the insertion of a SIG Sauer P320 fire control unit and slide/barrel upper assembly.

This design allows for easy customization and personalization, as well as making it a convenient and portable option for firearms enthusiasts.

The BWC-9’s bullpup design allows for a shorter overall length while maintaining a longer barrel length, making it a compact and highly maneuverable option for both recreational shooting and tactical situations.

The use of the SIG Sauer P320 fire control unit also provides a high level of reliability and accuracy, ensuring a satisfying and safe shooting experience.

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